Co-Creation Project Reflection — Dialogue In The Dark Hong Kong


The Co-Creation Project objective is to design a meaningful event for Dialogue In The Dark to rebuild their brand awareness and improve their donation. I worked with Gary and Packy to make the marketing proposal. At First, we did research and discovered the information and insights together till the draft presentation. However, to increase the efficiency of the working progress, we have separated the presentation flow into three parts: Discovery, Strategy and Planning, Execution. I was assigned to take charge of the Discovery section, such as analysing the research finding, creating the STP model’s marketing strategy, and designing the Questionnaire with Gary. Gary worked on Strategy and Planning, and Packy focused on the Execution section.

Work on the Research

When we confirmed Dialogue In The Dark to our project client, we had spent a week doing research individually and would share the finding and information at the next meeting. While the conference, we found a problem: we discovered many data, but they were unstructured and disorganised. Some data were the 20 pages PDF document, and some were the website link. It was hard to further discuss and communicate in this situation. Accordingly, I suggested using the online tool milanote to reorganise our research findings and sort the data by difference clustering: About Dialogue in the dark, People of Differences, Empathy, NGO, Donor, and Hong Konger donation.


In this experience, I understood the importance of communication in the group project. Initially, we had not shared and discussed our perspective of researching. Hence we had no common ideas for the design research process. We were not on the same page working on the project. When I found this noise influencing communication, I tried to point out the issue and suggested solutions. In the meantime, I drafted the workflow of the presentation to help the teammate putting into their work efficiently.

Discovery the research insights to generate marketing and design solution

In analysing the research data, I grouped the secondary and questionnaire data into Demographics, Psychographics, and Behavioral sections. Looking for the pattern and insights of similar data and create a market Segmentation for the donation event. And using the findings developed the driving force of the Targeting Strategy and defined the proper Positioning from the Point of Difference associations we found in the research. This process could help my teammates to provide a clear direction to develop their works.

It is an excellent encouragement since I can use the research and STP model knowledge learned from the course to contribute to the co-creation project. Finally, our team designed a great event idea which generated step by step following the design thinking process.
This project gives me a practice experience to an application. It helps me learn how to study the new market from scratch by various research methodologies.


Because of researching the valuable data, I visited many websites such as Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, The Economist to source Literature Reviews and case studies information. These websites are a helpful resource for my further study. And the collaboration with Gary and Packy allowed me to think outside the box and dispel prejudices. Discussing with them helps me to look at the problem from a new perspective. It is an opportunity to study how to improve my communication skill. Through this project, I learned more about the strength of research and communication in design thinking and looking to apply the knowledge in my work.




Student of UCA MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management

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Tigger Ho

Tigger Ho

Student of UCA MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management

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